Participants in the Business Development Program will be exposed to the tools, leadership skills, best practices, and diverse networks they need to succeed. Hire360 view its role as both a gap filler and replacement/enhancement to what is currently being offered. As a gap filler, Hire360 look to increase the number of minority businesses that are provided opportunities to share in the mega-projects in construction and infrastructure throughout Illinois. Minority businesses, especially from the West and South sides of Chicago largely are not prepared to participate in the $100 billion construction opportunities that will be happening over the next 10 years. Hire360 will be the gap filler in increasing their participation. The replacement/enhancement of what is currently being offered will be accomplished by Hire360 more effectively providing business knowledge and a hands-on approach to providing technical assistance, back office support, professional services referral and follow up of business best practices.



Although there are programs that currently exist that are providing both industry related and general business training, they are more theoretical. HIRE360’s focus will emphasize implementation and execution.

Success from a small business support side looks like a company that is prepared to take advantage of opportunities at their capacity to perform and willing to follow the technical assistance and business development necessary to grow.

We anticipate creating a pipeline of businesses at various levels of competency from start-ups to companies that have multiple years of experience. The objective is to assess each business and determine what is needed for it to reach the next level of capacity to perform and provide the resources to accomplish this. Utilizing the concept of each one teach one, we will create a mentor/protégé relationship amongst the businesses which will allow subcontracting and training at various levels of business development and increase contracting opportunities.

HIRE360 is focused on having all firms be financially literate and understand their bottom line, be proficient at estimating their project revenues and expenses, and be effective at project management just to name a few things. A strong business acumen is the ultimate objective.

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